If you’re a startup, finding the right investor is crucial for the future of your business. To secure the support of an investor, you need to win them over with your personality and the strength of your business plan. If the investor isn’t comfortable working with you, they probably won’t give you any money.

Let’s take a look at how you can create an investment pitch that will win over your investors, every single time.



Be confident

First impressions are hard to shake off. A winning smile, a firm handshake, and positive body language can make the difference between getting the investment and losing it. Wear something you are comfortable with, and make lots of eye contact with the people you are pitching to.

You need to convince investors that you have total faith in your idea.

Don’t come across as awkward or apologetic while asking for the investment. Remember that your investors stand to profit if your company does well. So, they aren’t doing you any favors by being there.



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Show them that you are fully invested in the idea

If you’re working two jobs and then spending a few hours on the weekend on your startup, your investors won’t be impressed. They need to see that you are completely dedicated to making your business idea succeed.

You will definitely be asked how much time you are spending on your startup idea. The more committed you are, the better your chances of landing the investment.


Be different

Investors get pitched dozens of business ideas every week. If your proposal looks generic, you probably won’t even get a meeting. When you do land a meeting, don’t forget that you might be pitching to someone who has probably heard several pitches that very day.

You need to make your investment pitch and presentation stand out. You could do this by using creative ways to package your content. Hand them a digital copy of your presentation on a USB drive after your meeting so they can review it at their leisure.



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State your message clearly

Before you land a customer, you have to sell your idea to an investor. When you’re in an investment pitch meeting, keep your presentations fluff-free. Don’t include 25 slides packed with walls of text and bar graphs.

State your idea concisely and convince the investor why it will work.

If your investor has to ask repeated questions asking you to explain the nature of your business, you’re doing something wrong. In addition, don’t box yourself into the contents of your slides. Improvise talking points as the conversation develops.


Give them proof

Why should your investors believe what you are saying? This is one of the most important questions you need to answer. Establishing credibility happens in a lot of ways, but having a proven track record is probably your strongest ally. Show your investors concepts that you have executed earlier and explain to them why you will be able to see this idea through to its completion.

Having a great team with you also goes a long way in relieving doubts in the minds of your investor. If you’ve managed to convince all these talented people to sign up to your idea, you must be doing something right.

When you’re talking numbers and profit projections, be as realistic as possible.

An investor wants to see a workable business, not a fantasy that you conjured up. In addition, make sure you know as much about your investors as possible before you meet them. Bring up some information you’ve learned about their business in casual conversation before you start your pitch.



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Pitching to an investor isn’t something entrepreneurs need to dread. With the right tools, it can turn into an incredibly rewarding experience as having the right funding will propel your business idea to the heights you always wanted it to achieve.

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