Opportunities to invest in the pre-IPO shares remains incredibly rare and limited.
Shares tends to be held by the company shareholders, key executives and investors.

We are offering a limited opportunity to qualified parties to participate in the funding of companies that will be going public on the OTC Markets (USA) within the next 12 to 24 months.

What We Do

1. We will secure and qualify the companies that has the potential to go public (IPO) on the OTC Markets (USA).
2. We will pay for the listing and the entire team that will assist or manage the listing from start to finish
    (auditors / accountants / attorneys / market makers / brokers).

3. We will provide you with the audited financial and business plan of the company we are investing.
4. We will provide you with the standard non-disclosure and investment agreement.

What You Do

You can invest in the company.
The duration for the return of your investment is fixed at maximum period of 18 months.
This is to give sufficient time for any unexpected delays in the listing process.

What is the Investment Amount?

  1. The minimum investment amount is US$25,000.00
  2. Total Investment per company listing is limited to only US$125,000.00.
  3. Investment is strictly on a first-come first-serve basis. No exceptions.
  4. We will close the offer once we have raised US$125,000.00 per company.
  5. All remaining funds for the listing and operation will be provided by our group.

What You Receive

1. 100% of the entire amount of your investment
2. 10% fixed interested rate for the 18 months period.
3. Shares in the company based on the proposed sale value of the shares x 200%


a. You invest US$25,000.00.
b. You receive back US$27,500.00 in cash by the 18th month period, plus.
c. You receive US$50,000.00 worth of shares (based on the current sale value of the shares).

Interested parties may submit their contact details HERE.
All information will be kept strictly confidential.